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Architectural acoustics

Whether you are looking to improve the acoustics of a room or to soundproof a room or a work environment, our specialists in architectural acoustics will meet your needs.

Stretched ceiling

Personalize your interior with our decorative murals and stretch ceilings.


Historical buildings and ancestral homes are often decorated with decorative plaster elements. Our team specializing in plaster restoration is here to help you restore a building to its former glory.

Acoustic Architecture - proud distributor of Novawall and Barrisol


Specializing in acoustic panels and coatings, Novawall offers customized solutions to its customers to correct the acoustics of any type of space, from theatres to workplaces, as well as residential and commercial properties.


Barrisol is world-renowned for the quality of its acoustic products, as well as those intended for wall and ceiling coverings, for residential, commercial, or institutional environments.

Acoustic Architecture stands out because of:


Its transparency towards its staff and its customers;


Its concern about offering the best customer service there is;


The proven quality of its products and services.