Plasterwork: Creation, repair, and restoration!

With all its years of experience in interior systems, Acoustic Architecture has developed a solid expertise in plaster manufacturing. With its new facilities, the plaster factory can create custom plaster projects in record time.

Our plastering specialists are pleased to work with our clients to create their design or to present the various existing moulds. Our services are particularly appreciated for the restoration of heritage buildings.

Preserving the beauty of century-old buildings

Prior to the 1970s, most buildings had a plaster-based finish. Although it is a very durable material, plaster is slowly but surely weathering and wearing away. There are many reasons for this normal deterioration:

  • Vibrations caused by the movements of people using the building;
  • Structural movements;
  • Water damage and other types of disasters.

As a result, owners must eventually choose between sacrificing the plaster ornaments on their property or restoring them. At Acoustic Architecture, our team of plasterers has the necessary skills to restore plaster ornaments and decorative plaster pieces.

What we do:

  • Restoration
  • Reproduction
  • Conservation
  • Replacement
  • Moulding
  • Acoustic plaster design
  • Personalized project

Our range of plaster enhancements and ornaments

We manufacture, restore, reproduce, and install a wide variety of quality products. We specialize in a very wide range of styles, from classical to baroque to contemporary.

  • Columns, pilasters, and pillars;
  • Carved plaster arches and grooves;
  • Rings, knobs, and moulded ceiling rosettes;
  • Decorative corners and cornices;
  • Mouldings of all kinds;
  • Fireplace mantels.