Acoustic Architecture: the art of combining efficiency with design

Acoustic Architecture is a National Capital Region company that has chosen to specialize in the design, creation, and installation of acoustical panels, stretched ceilings, and plaster-based products for Canada and the Northeastern United States.

Services to match your most extraordinary projects

Architectural acoustics

Our team of specialists will correct the acoustic properties of the room of your choice using acoustic panels made from sound-absorbent materials.

Stretched ceilling

Give free rein to your imagination and personalize your walls and ceilings thanks to Barrisol’s fabrics. These versatile sheets adapt to most surfaces to create stretched ceilings and wall coverings.


Our plasterers specialize in the creation, repair, and restoration of plaster products of all kinds. We can offer our plastering services throughout Canada and the Northeastern United States.

Acoustic Architecture: official distributor of Novawall and Barri ol products

Groupe Mayer and its Acoustic Architecture division distribute and install the exclusive products of these companies:


Novawall corrects the acoustics of any type of space, as it is a company specialized in acoustic panels and coatings. We are their exclusive suppliers, distribut rs, and installers in Canada, from Manitoba to the Maritimes.


Barrisol and its Converto division are world leaders for the quality of their 20 types of stretch ceiling systems.

Our company exclusively supplies, distributes, and installs their products in the National Capital Region, Northeastern Ontario, and the Maritime Provinces.