The Barrisol stretched ceiling: a type of modern wall and ceiling covering.

A stretch ceiling is a type of ceiling made of a non-flammable and expandable sheet in PVC, which becomes soft and stretchy under the effect of heat. This fabric can also be used as a wall covering or to design custom light fixtures and acoustic panels.

The stretched ceiling is superimposed on the conventional ceiling. The fabric can be fixed at any height below the ceiling, the plenum (distance between the ceiling and the false ceiling) must be at least 2.5 cm.

Whether it is for a wall or a ceiling, the possibilities are infinite with Barrisol’s products!

In addition to its matte, lacquered, or satin finishes and its more than 230 choices of colours, you will certainly be able to find an appropriate application corresponding to the identity of your environment among the following options:

  • Printed ceilings (photo, design, or logo of your choice)
  • Backlit ceilings;
  • Mirror effect;
  • Imitation of materials such as Concrete, Wood, Brick, Marble, etc.
  • Metallic effect;
  • Light boxes;
  • Integration of lighting or ventilation systems;
  • Various geometric and 3D shapes;
  • Translucent ceilings;
  • Covering of ceiling tiles (Converto).

Barrisol Canada innovates with the creation of the Converto system!

The idea of creating this product comes from many requests from architects and designers over the years. They wanted a suspended ceiling that had all the benefits of Barrisol® (washable, waterproof, non-flammable, ULC classified by Canadian standards) and also all the exceptional finishes (lacquered finish, printed finish, etc.).

Advantages of the Converto system

After several years of research and refinement, Converto Ceilings Inc. offers a ceiling technology that is out of the ordinary and that can delight all styles.


The Converto suspended ceiling allows easy access to the various technical elements of the ceiling (pipes, cables, etc.).


Converto offers a 10-year limited warranty on its easy-care products. Their stretch ceiling fabrics are waterproof and of superior quality.


Create a decor reflecting your own image with a wide choice of colours and finishes.


Converto ceiling panels allow you to correct the acoustics of a room while maintaining an extraordinary design. They are ideal for conference rooms, cinemas, and offices.

Environmentally friendly

The versatility of Converto ceiling panels makes it easy to reuse them after renovations.