Understanding the role of acoustic panels in architectural design

When it comes to modern architecture, good acoustic design is not a luxury; it is an actual
necessity. Acoustics impact everything from staff productivity in workplaces to the quality of the performances in theatres, as well as the market value of properties. Each built environment has its own acoustic characteristics. Understanding these characteristics and knowing how to use building materials, building system design techniques, and technologies like acoustic panels are key factors for Acoustic Architecture.

Acoustic corrections: in  order to better preserve your well-being

Each room has its own acoustic properties which depend on a combination of factors, such as the type of materials used for cladding and the dimensions of the room. Sound then travels in such a way that it can influence our sense of well-being.

At Acoustic Architecture, we specialize in the design and installation of sound-absorbing materials to achieve acoustic corrections on an architectural level. The result: rooms with optimal acoustic properties to ensure your well-being!

A lot of people have trouble with noise pollution, especially if they live in larger homes or apartments as large open spaces or high ceilings sometimes do not allow for adequate acoustic treatment to break up the noise. One way to solve this problem is by installing acoustic panels and ceilings which will break up the unwanted sound waves that bounce off walls creating an echo effect when you talk too loudly near them.

Acoustic ceiling baffles

Novawall Acoustic Panel Systems: Push the limits of your imagination

Novawall’s acoustic panel systems are infinitely adjustable and allow the acoustics of a given space to be corrected.

Mainly used in concert halls, conference rooms, cinemas, and restaurants, these systems can be installed on walls or ceilings, conforming perfectly to the shape of the room, and can be covered with a variety of fabrics.

The types of Novawall acoustic panels we can install:

  • Wall panels and ceiling panels that perfectly fit the shape of the room and optimize acoustics ;
  • Digital printing on textiles to create panels with a truly unique design;
  • Acoustic screens;
  • Acoustic baffles.

Acoustic Panel Reviews

Thank you Acoustic Architecture for the great job! I am very pleased with the acoustic panel work for my office! I can work in peace now!