Groupe Mayer is the distributor and installer of Novawall products from Manitoba to the Maritimes.

Novawall offers an infinitely adaptable system of panels on rails that makes it possible to correct the acoustics in any space.

Primarily used in restaurants, movie theatres, concert halls, and conference rooms, Novawall’s acoustic panels are customizable products that can be styled to match any type of decor.

Novawall guarantees its clients short production timelines by assembling on-site, depending on the environment. In addition, its entirely custom products provide superior acoustic performance in all spaces.


Converto came up with the idea of creating their range of suspended ceilings to meet the many requests from architects and designers over the years. These industry specialists wanted a suspended ceiling that had all the benefits of Barrisol® (i.e. a washable, waterproof, non-flammable, and ULC classified by Canadian standards), in addition to offering all the exceptional finishes (lacquered finish, printed finish, etc.).


Groupe Mayer is the approved distributor and installer of Barrisol products for the National Capital Region, Northern Ontario, and the Maritime Provinces.

The first stretch ceiling was manufactured by the company in 1969, and the Barrisol brand was created in 1975. Today, Barrisol offers more than 20 stretch ceiling systems.

Barrisol offers a complete range of products for professionals (architects, decorators, designers, etc.) as well as individuals. Longevity and quality guaranteed! Ceilings and walls are as important for setting the tone and atmosphere of a space as the layout.

Barrisol offers a choice of more than 230 colours and 15 finishes for your stretch ceiling. Choose a texture, finish, and print, and suspend Barrisol light fixtures from it. Make your ceiling
a work of art: give your creativity free rein!