Stretched ceiling is an innovative technology that can actually help embellish any space and help save money in the process. Stretched ceiling has become more and more popular since it is simple to install and can be easily replaced to keep up with new trends or if you need to relocate. In addition, another important reason for its popularity is the fact that it is very durable and environmentally friendly.

Here are some benefits for choosing stretched ceiling in your home or business in Gatineau:

A versatile design option

Stretch ceilings and murals are a versatile design solution for any room in residential and commercial environments.

A quick and clean installation

A fast, clean installation that will result in a stunning, luxurious interior design that improves the establishment’s overall appearance by covering all pre-existing imperfections.

Moveable and damage-free

The stretched ceiling is professionally installed using versatile profiles that do not damage the existing ceiling and walls, which means that the stretched ceiling can be replaced and/or removed easily on demand.

An extensive palette of colours, finishes and textures

Stretched ceilings are made available in a large palette of colours, finishes and textures to complement all styles of interior design and decoration.

Light integration

A large amount of light can be installed to solve the permanent problem of insufficient lighting in a workplace.

Multi-level and Combination Stretched Ceiling Structures

A stretched ceiling can be employed on its own to build single or multi-level ceiling structures, which makes it an excellent alternative to drywall and panel ceilings.

Approved Materials

All stretched ceilings provided and installed by Acoustic Architecture have successfully passed the latest health, safety and fire certifications in Canada.

Environmentally Friendly

All stretched ceilings provided and installed by Acoustic Architecture are 100% recyclable and environmentally non-toxic.


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